EAP license

We currently use TeamCity 4.5 for a bunch of visual C# 2010 projects and plan to upgrade to EAP 5 relatively soon. We also keep bumping into ceiling of professional license (20 build configurations). TeamCity 5 enterprise (even in EAP stage) requires a license too. Will 4.5 license work with EAP 5? What about final 5?

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There were a previous discussion about version 5 upgrading and pricing in June.
See: http://www.jetbrains.net/devnet/thread/282020

Maybe Jetbrains has more visibility about this now.



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Thanks, Olivier. It looks like it's worth waiting for 5.0 release till November in my case. Though it'd be great to have licenses for 4.5 purchased starting with certain date to work for 5.0, just like with other jetbrains products. It'd be also great to hear from jetbrains people about this.


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