Question with complex VisualStudioSolution and VSS

I've installed TC 5 and put some of our Projects in to test how it works. I've managed building and testing some of the smaller solutions with one or two projects inside. Now I tried to add a bigger solution in TC and there I got the problem:
The Visual-Studio-Solution contains links to some projects which are stored in different directories than the solution itself.
- The main solution is stored in "d:\VSS\Projects\MainProjectA\MainProjectA.sln"
- Some Projects containing only to this solution are stored in subfolders:  "d:\VSS\Projects\MainProjectA\DllProjectA\...", "d:\VSS\Projects\MainProjectA\DllProjectB\..." etc.
---until this point everything works fine, but:
-Some extern Projects, that are used in other solution too are stored in a different folder like: "d:\VSS\Plugins\PluginDllA\PluginDllA.csproj"
When adding the main solution to TC I've added the CVS-roots "$\Projects\MainProjectA" and "$\Plugins\PluginDllA" and added 'PluginDllA' as depency for 'MainProjectA'.

But when building the solution in TC the build fails with a error telling me the projectfile "..\..\Plugings\PluginDllA\PluginDllA.csproj" was not found. How can I tell TC that the File can be found in a different CVS-root?


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what build runner was used? What Visual Studio version is used?

Have you managed to make checkout folder on the agent looks the same as local checkout folder?
Probably you may need to use checkout rules to define folder's location.
Have a look to documentation page at


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I could manage it with the use of CheckoutRules.


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