Best practice for tests on webserver

Hi there

I'm working on HTML unit tests (using Culerity) against a Ruby on Rails application. To do this, here's the steps needed

* Checkout sources
* start web server in source directory
* wait until it's running
* run the Cucumber Test suite (which uses Celerity / HTMLUnit to hit the web server) using the Rake Runner
* shut down web server
* report

What's the best way to handle this with TeamCity? I tried to create 3 different steps (start server, run tests, stop server) but I'm not convinced that this is the best way to handle it.

Any ideas / pointers on how best to run a scenario like this?


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Hello Jens-Christian,

   Did you consider creating rake tasks to start/shutdown your web server (which would wait till start/shutdown) and run your build with rake runner and multiple targets, like
  "start_server run_tests shutdown_server" ?

   Does it make sense, or I'm missing something?



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