maven2 build missing test results

Hi all ,

we are migrating our maven2 builds from continium to teamcity 4.5.4

Build are running fine but we have noticed that the number of
testresults are not the same as with the continium server.

we are missing around 150 test from aproxamly 500 test.
when checking the build directory of the build agent and the build
logs , we see that test are running and successfull

i've been reading the documentation about the dynamic way teamcity
reads the test results , but somehow it is missing something in our build.

configurering the surefire reporting doesn't  help :-(
i enabled verbose logging but could find any usefull hint.

how can i verify the way teamcity is capturing the testresults ?

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Would you please provide the full build log and tell me which test suites/test cases aren't reported.
If you don't want to publish the log here in the forum please send it to teamcity-feedback <at>

Thank you!

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hello Sergey ,

if send a build log to  teamcity-feedback,


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Your com.luma.w2p.resource.ResourceTestSuite produces a huge amount of console (about 5000 lines) output which seems to cause surefire plugin to omit the important finalizing string "Tests run: ....".
TeamCity uses it as a signal that the corresponding surefire report is ready to be read. Since the string didn't appear the report remained unprocessed.

Is it possible to disable this output or direct it to a file?


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