How to create/copy build projects without UI?

I would like to automate all steps to create branches and the appropiate TeamCity build project releated to it. For this I have to copy & manipulate projects and their build configs in TeamCity from remote.

So, what seems to be the best idea to do this?

I found the following related posts.

Does anyone tried to use the webapp via

  • selenium
  • webdriver
  • webtest ??

Or is there a change to create build.xml files on the disk of the TeamCity webapp in the .BuildServer/config folder?

thanks for any hints

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Hi Alex,

Just an idea: you may share on the network the config folder ; then modify VCS root file and add/modify projects/build configurations.

I do deploy changes from development server to production server only using file copy/change.



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Hi Olivier,

this seems to work. I tested it for the creation of a new vcsRoot. The creation of a project seems to work, too, but it's hard to get appropiate ids for the new build-types.

It feels like a bad hack, but maybe that's the best option right now.


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About this practice, maybe TeamCity team can tell us.

it's hard to get appropiate ids for the new build-types.

Maybe, an Excel spreadsheet can help you to!



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