Upgrade from 3.0.1 to 4.5.5 does not go smooth

We upgraded TeamCity server 3.0.1 to 4.5.5 last night and the upgrade does not go smooth. In the end it seems there was no converter to run on the existing project-config.xml files so when the server came up the project files could not be loaded here log message:
[2009-09-16 20:33:55,846]   WARN -   jetbrains.buildServer.SERVER - Failed to restore project from the configuration file: /opt/toolsapp/appdat
a/teamcity/4.5.5/config/Account Management
jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.impl.RestoreProjectFailedException: org.jdom.input.JDOMParseException: Error on line 6 of document file:/opt/t
oolsapp/appdata/teamcity/4.5.5/config/Account%20Management/project-config.xml: Attribute "fail-if-tests-failed" must be declared for element ty
pe "build-type".

It was a relatively simple fix to manually edit the offending xml:
<build-type id="bt28" name="Account Mangement Deployment" run-type="Ant" fail-if-tests-failed="true" allow-external-status="false" max-number-of-builds="0" checkout-on-server="true" checkout-on-agent="false" clean-build="false" labeling-type="NONE" labeling-pattern="build-%system.build.number%">

the highlighted sections removed to produce this

<build-type id="bt28" name="Account Mangement Deployment" run-type="Ant" checkout-on-server="true" checkout-on-agent="false" labeling-type="NONE" labeling-pattern="build-%system.build.number%">

But again I assume some converter was suppose to handle this?

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Hello Dave,

  I'm not sure the server was upgraded correctly.
  I'd appreciate if you attach logs/teamcity-server.log file from your Teamcity installation for the time when upgrade was done.



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