SVN Roots, are working copies shared?


I'd like to check if:

- I have 10 buildconfigs, all using the same svn root.  do I get 10 workingcopies, or will I get 1 working copy?

- When teamcity starts a build,  does it
  - delete unversioned files in a workingcopy that were left over from a previous run?
  - revert files that were modified in a previous run?

- Is there a recommended fastest way of getting svn workingcopies "prepared" for building? In my current builds, it looks like
the svn checkout is taking significantly longer than the actual build.  Much longer than when I do an svn up from the commandline.
I've tried with and without "clean sources" settting turned on.   I've only tested direct-on-agent checkout type.

Bye, Lucas

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