Retreiving build info through HTTP for Dashboarding

Hello all,

In our agile software development department we use TC and are very happy with the results. We're moving away from our homegrown build environment and are impressed with the features TC delivers...

To give high level visual feedback to our department, I'm running a RoR website I've created to visualize status of our primary build environments. At least, that's what I've created on our old build infrastrure.

While I utterly love the TC UI and all great capabilities for reporting and build status overviews, I'd like to modify my own dashboards to show status info like before. This would mean I'd like to tap into project and build configurations information from TC. I've looked around the TC Documentation searching for a way to request information on builds, build configs and projects via http requests, but came up empty handed.

As an example, my dashboard currently shows the latest 10 build statusses for a continuous build environment. This is displayed (with many other aggregated statistics) on a big screen TV in our hallway to allow anyone to get vital info at a glance while loading up on coffee

While I still have the oppertunity to use HTML scraping to get this info, this feels like a clunky way to go about this.

So, down to my question: Is there a way to get structured (XML?) information through HTTP from the TC server?

Thank you in advance,


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