Access to SVN url in Ant build file

We have a ant build.xml file that replaces tokens on a
deployment summary page in our web app for things like the team city build number, the svn revision number, etc. Is there a way t
o access the SVN url from which the code is built. i.e. /project/
trunk vs /project/branches/somebranch1 vs /project/branches/someotherbranch?

We have several build configurations of a project in Team City that access different vcs roots and I would like to access this through my ant build file as I do the other properties (tc build number, svn revision number, etc)


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This can be easily done in the TeamCity 5.0 EAP, but in 4.5 you'll have to duplicate SVN url in a property defined via the build configuration web UI.
In TeamCity 5.0 you will need to define property too, but to avoid SVN url duplication you will be able to put reference to SVN url to the property value.


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