TeamCity path to external reference assemblies

I have been working with setting up TeamCity, and I have almost everything working with the exception of being able to compile VS2005 solutions that have referenced assemblies that are outside of the solution path. I have our SVN repository structured as follows:

        Project 1
        Project 2

Project 1 and Project 2 reference third party assemblies located in the Libraries. This works just fine from within the VS2005 IDE and when calling MSBuild on the solution files since the HintPath for all of the references look like this:


The problem I have encountered is that when TeamCity dies the checkout from SVN for Project 1 or Project 2, it places everything into internal directories that don't match the structure of the relative path given by the HintPath.

How do I go about clearing this up, either through a TeamCity configuration or configuring my solutions/directory structure differently? Either one will work for my needs.


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Does SVN checkout fail in TeamCity?

How have you configured you builds?

Please have a look at the documentation of
TeamCity artifact dependencies at

This feature would allow you to download binaries from say project 1 to use it when building
project 2.

You may use checkout rules
to make TeamCity ignore project 2 when checking out project1



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