Problems with website projects (VS2008) and external assemblies


I'm new to TeamCity and Continuous Integration so I apologise if this has been asked before (I couldn't find anything similar).

Basically our file structure for the scenario is as follows:

/trunk/_External Dependancies (folder containing the various 3rd party dlls needed in website)
/trunk/ClassLibraryX (includes references to _Ext Dep which are picked up)

I've setup the build which builds fine until it gets to "website". Website is a VS2008 "Website" project and so has no csproj file (it's all stored in the sln file). I beleive the issue is that when you reference files in the _External Dependancies folder, VS adds a ".refresh" file to the bin which includes the path to that particular DLL but as we don't commit the bin folder, this file is never commited and so TeamCity doesn't know where to find the dlls.

Looking in the sln file there's a "ProjectReferences" node which includes references to the other projects within the solution, but is there a way to include the relevant files from the "_External Dependancies" folder? Or tell TeamCity where to find/copy the files from? I've tried adding a checkout rule to copy them across but they get deleted as part of the build process...

Thanks in advance.


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I've worked this one out (and will blog about it at: but in the meantime incase anyone else comes across this, I was half way there with copying the files but what you need to do is add another VCS root which points at the assembly folder but checks out to /website/bin.

That way, the files required will be in the website's bin folder ready. It's not ideal but for our test environment it's fine.



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