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After just a few minutes with the help files I have a few custom metrics being exported from my build and reported on a custom graph.  I have just a few questions/requests to make:

  • Is it possible to label the graph axis?
  • Can you convert from Time (ms) to Hours:Minutes:Seconds? (I assume the code exists somewhere, as there are non-custom graphs for the build duration...)
  • Do the graphs that are unique to a build config live in the global config.xml, and the per-project view (empty by default) come from the per-project config.xml?  This seems... odd

And a seriously optimisitic request...

  • Is there any likelihood of using an algorithm more intelligent than 'average'?  Something like:
    • the reason for this is that every now and again, one of the build machines pops up a dialog for one reason or another and suddenly I get a 16 hour task... which then messes up the averaging quite badly.

I can live with all the above, they would be nice to have in 5.0 however...


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Hello Jim,

  Thank you very much for the feedback and sorry for delay.

  The graph subsystem is not under active development right now. We have some requests regarding axis modifications, so you may vote for them (or add your requests).

  Regarding configuration files - well, this problem was solved in 5.0 by introducing a Web-based administration UI for the custom charts

  More intelligent average is good idea and really worth considering. So an issue request for that is really appreciated.

  Thanks again,


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