Concordion.NET + Gallio


I'm trying to get concordion working with teamcity 4.5.

In the doc you write "Since version 3.0.4 Gallio supports on-the-fly test results reporting to TeamCity server.", and looking at the logs it seems ok but I don't to have the report tab with the Concordion spec.

Am I missing something ?


[14:55:31]: Start process: "C:\Program Files\Gallio\bin\Gallio.Echo.exe" /pd:"C:\Concordion.NET\Gallio-Concordion-Adapter" /rd:Report /rt:Html /sr HighUsageBuildArtifacts\Concordion\HighUsageAlert.Spec.dll
[14:55:31]: in: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\HUA_Concordion_Checkout
[14:55:31]: Gallio Echo - Version 3.0.7 build 150
[14:55:31]: Get the latest version at
[14:55:31]: Start time: 2:55 PM
[14:55:31]: Verifying assembly names.
[14:55:31]: Initializing the runtime and loading plugins.
[14:55:32]: Initializing the test runner.
[14:55:32]: Initializing test runner.' flowId='24b6e6190c4823ad
[14:55:32]: Running the tests.
[14:55:32]: Running tests.' flowId='24b6e6190c4823ad
[14:55:34]: Concordion v0.1.40.113 (1s)
[14:55:34]: [Concordion v0.1.40.113] Concordion v0.1.40.113/HighUsageAlert.Spec (1s)
[14:55:34]: [Concordion v0.1.40.113/HighUsageAlert.Spec] /HighUsageAlertTest (1s)
[14:55:36]: [/HighUsageAlertTest] [Test Output] Processed specifications : C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp\HighUsageAlert\HighUsageAlert.html
[14:55:37]: Generating reports.
[14:55:38]: Displaying reports.
[14:55:38]: Disposing the test runner.
[14:55:38]: Disposed test runner.' flowId='24b6e6190c4823ad
[14:55:38]: Stop time: 2:55 PM (Total execution time: 7.210 seconds)
[14:55:38]: 1 run, 1 passed, 0 failed, 0 inconclusive, 0 skipped
[14:55:38]: Process exited with code 0
[14:55:38]: Build finished
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Have you explicitly specified TeamCity plugin for your Gallo.Echo.exe run?

Plese check you added "/e:TeamCityExtension,Gallio.TeamCityIntegration"  argument to the commandline.


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Well, I had an error with this argument (there is already an extension of type 'Gallio.TeamCityIntegration.TeamCityExtension' registered with parameters '')

But finally I managed to do it by giving a fixed name to the html report, adding the output to the artifacts, and specifying a report tab in the main-config.xml, and now it's ok  



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