Running NUnit With Additional Parameters

Hello guys, its me again. We're slowly integrating our unit tests into the build, in addition to NCover support, etc. However we've hit a snag, as one of our unit tests can not run in a threaded environment. This is normally fixed by running the unit tests with the flag /nothread, however TeamCity 4.5 doesn't seem to support it.

Is there a way to add parameters to the Nunit call? If not in 4.5, will it be in 5.0 (and is it in the EAP?)

Also.. since the latest EAP build is supposed to support coverage, will there be a way to get coverage without having to run the unit tests twice? (once for TeamCity's tracking, again for NCover to analyze)

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You may use NUnit-Console.exe test runner with TeamCity Addin for NUnit installed. Please have a look to the documentation at

Do you need to choose between ThreadApartmentStates in your tests? This could be worked around with some wrapper

TeamCity EAP adds support for NCover. If you use TeamCity NUnit runner coverage will be collected implicitly. All you need is to configure coverage collecting options in the UI. Please have a look to the documentation at



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