VS2008 Remote Run with Subversion Error

I am running TeamCity 4.5 (Build 8944) and I have a whole bunch of VS2008 projects that have various dependencies with each other entered in.  I also have Visual Studio 2008 installed on my local machine along with Subversion 1.6.3.  I have installed the VS2008 plugin for remote run.  I edit a source file (and save).  I log into TeamCity through the plugin.  That works.  I click on the remote run button and up pops a window with all my projects and configurations on the right and all the files I've edited on the left.  I select the project (on the right) that corresponds to the files I've modified (on the left).  I also select the files I've modified.  "Run" becomes clickable.  I click on run and a window quickly appears and then disappears.  I look in the log file and find this:

ERROR mmitAction - Failed to send personal build for: Selected build configurations can not be started in one remote-run:
“Configuration 1”: The selected build configuration is not affected by the change.
“Configuration 2”: The selected build configuration is not affected by the change.
“Configuration 3”: The selected build configuration is not affected by the change.
“Configuration 4”: The selected build configuration is not affected by the change.

I cannot find any info about this and am rather stumped because the source file is definitely affected by the change I made.

My question is how do I resolve this (or where should I look) and maybe more generally, am I setting up remote run correctly?  Thanks!

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Hello, TeamCity does not allow starting personal build that does not have any changed files.

Please check you use same svn server for selected build configurations and locally. do you connect to the svn server in the same way?


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Thanks for your reply.  I actually did modify files before attempting a remote run.  I am using the same Subversion server and the same protocal (HTTP through Apache).  It's the only protocal I have for SVN.  It recognizes all the files that have been modified (in the remote run plugin).  It seems like it has everything it needs and then TeamCity comes back with an error.

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Please attach a screenshot of VCS root that was used in those build configurations.
Attach 'svn info' command output started near a changed file.

Do you have another files where personal build starts?

The error message means, that server has failed to map you changes to any of selected build configurations.
May this build configuration use branched sources?

Please attach server logs from <TeamCity server installation path>/logs/TeamCity*.log files.

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After working on another problem, we found that under "Version control settings" (number 2) and then "edit checkout rules", you cannot specify the checkout like this:


The ./ messes everything up.  By removing the ./ so it looks like this:


Remote run started to work perfectly and this also resolved our problem where nothing was being triggered (TC was actually ignoring the Subversion commits).

Hope this info helps others.


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