Failed to upload artifact (​access denied)

Im getting random failures when trying to up load artefacts some files are simply not getting copied.
All with access denied errors. ( I am running in an adminstrator context).

Strangely it is different files each time.
This makes artefact dependent builds unusable, which is a bit of a show stopper.

Have I miss anything or is this a bug.

TeamCity Professional Version 4.5.5 (build 9103)  

I raised a ticket for this in you track, not sure if I should have.

[11:53:35]: [Publishing artifacts] Failed to upload build artifact due to error: C:\TeamCity\ConfigDir\system\artifacts\PrimeNotes\PNotes Compilation\309\dev\client\CSFB.PrimeServices.MessageHub.Services.Interface.dll (Access is denied)

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I replied into the issue, so far seems as some configuration issue..


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