Large svn:externals folder slows down builds

All my builds use common dlls stored in svn:externals (esp. Gallio\bin) and they get checked out of svn for each build. This slows things down alot and will become a problem when I have many more builds in a few months time.

Is there a way I can get TeamCity (4.5.5 build 9103) to keep the svn:externals folder checked out and just refresh it on each build rather than get everything from svn again?

Alternatively, am I being silly/lazy by putting all the Gallio\bin into externals? I guess I could delete the stuff I don't use.

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If there is no "Clean all files before build" option enabled TeamCity performs incremental update of the existing build sources on agent (like svn update option) rather than full checkout from svn.

>This slows things down alot..
Can you please give us more details about this? Build log, server logs, etc.


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