Simple example of remote project creation tool?


We need to develop a client (e.g., a JRuby command line tool) to drive creation of TeamCity project and build-configs (along with VCS roots, etc. as necessary).  Are there any examples of this out there?  Does TeamCity have a remoting API?

I've looked around at quite a few existing threads on this topic, and hunted around the API javadocs a bit, but haven't found a remoting example, and don't quite see how one would get a connection to the server in order to create a project.  (I've read that new XML configs will be automatically picked up by TeamCity, but these still would seem to require insight into, for instance, latest build-type-id and project-id, in order to create a meaningful config).  I'd like to go the route of writing a JRuby remoting-based tool, but need some help to get started, ideally in the form of a working example.  And/or, some code snippets and suggested use.  And/or, a list of classes that would be necessary to get going.

Thanks for any pointers!

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There is no such remote API at the moment. What you can do is to write your own server side part which will create build configurations and projects by processing incoming HTTP requests.


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