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Could I clarify if the estimated build times take into account both successful and failed builds? I'd like to be able have it only take into account successful builds, as some of our builds are setup to fail on first error, so a build that typically takes an hour to complete might end after 5 minutes if the first compilation is not successful - is there a way to do this already, or anything I can vote on for it?

Also, is it possible to reset the estimated build time (without resetting everything else) - as we have some builds that might have run for the last year and always taken about 45 minutes, but we now have made some changes so the average time is only 20 minutes - I know over time the estimations will become increasingly accurate, but there has been a few times I have wanted to just reset the estimated time statistics and let it recalculate a 'good' value.

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Estimates are calculated based on historical data. Both successful and failed builds are considered simply because there are teams that do not have successful builds for long time. If build is too short it should not affect estimate until this become a trend (after a number of builds (10) the actual duration is still short).


I'd appreciate the ability to configure the estimate to exclude failed builds. As Steven said, our successful builds normally take so much longer than failures that an average is essentially meaningless.


I too would love to be able to set TC estimates to ignore failures in time estimate.



We have the related request:, please vote for it. Please attach a screenshot with the build history and current running build incorrect estimate to better understand your case.


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