Mapping LDAP sAMaccountName to user DN.

I'm having trouble configuring LDAP for our system.

our users have a DN that looks like:
CN=Smith\, John,OU=Organization,OU=My Company,OU=Corporate,DC=cable,DC=mycompany,DC=com

I want users to be able to login using their sAMAccountName.  In this example:

I clearly don't have a way to specify a transform that changes "jsmith001" to "Smith\, John".  Is there another way to do this?

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Usually, LDAP server allows to login with short names like jsmith001 (e.g. Active Directory allows this).

If this is not the case, a solution is available in TeamCity 5.0 (currently in EAP, release is planned for this month).

In 5.0 you can configure "teamcity.users.login.filter=(cn=$login$)" property that will be used to search for the user LDAP entry and then entry's DB will be used to perform LDAP bind.


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