Some build agents fail upgrading to tc5 build10574 (ping failed, IP address changed)


I upgrade the server from build 10181 to build 10574, and the server was successfully upgraded.
However, some of my build agents failed to upgrade and become disconnected (MSG: Ping failed, check firewall on agent machine).

I checked the server log file and those failed build agents all point to the same IP address ( which I have no idea where this IP addres is from.
I tried to re-install build agent manually and rename build agent but the server is not able to find this buld agent anymore.

How do I make these build agents beeing connected to the server again? By changing IP address back? But how?

Please HELP -- we have large projects to run and currently we are short of 'succeeded' agents..

Thanks,  Tracy.

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Do you have a proxy between server and those agents? How is your server configured? Do you have an apache server installed before Tomcat?

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Hi Pavel,

I asked one of our IT guy and this is his reply...

There is a proxy server - M$oft ISA 2006 (Internet Security and Acceleration Server). (To be perfectly honest, I hate it, but it seems to do an ok job of proxying web pages).

There is no Apache server that traffic would be going through - unless your TeamCity service uses it - I'm not really sure about the TeamCity setup.

One thing you could test from an internal location is to skip going through the proxy and go direct to the service

One more thing - there would also be a couple of firewalls (Cisco devices) to traverse. The traffic path looks something like:

internet --> external firewall --> ISA Proxy server --> internal firewall --> internal Teamcity server

I mention this because we have seen some errors possibly coming into Subversion from external loactions, which means coming in through firewalls.

All build agents worked fine before I upgraded the server; somehow server now gets wrong IP address from some build agents. Is there a way to correct build agents' IP address?

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I guess that's the reason, if proxy is between agent and TeamCity server. To fix this problem you can specify ownAddress property in the file. Provide there IP address of the agent which should be used by TeamCity server when server communicates with agent.

Another possible fix is to bypass proxy when agent communicates with server. Currently agent uses address from the serverUrl property of the same file, and it seems the request is first passed to this proxy. If you can change serverUrl property so that agent communicate with server directly - this will fix the problem too.

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Thank you!! Now all our build agents are back!


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