Eclipse Remote Run extremely slow for off-site access


We have a Teamcity 4.5 server that we primarily use for remote builds, and some development staff in satillite offices.

These users are complaining that launching the remote run dialog can take up to an hour to appear!

So I am trying to track down where their problem is. Is it eclipse, subversion, the plugin, the connection, the server...?

I am using IntelliJ, so naturally I have no problems

Our code base is quite large, so there is naturally some overhead, but I've investigated on another devloper's machine here. it takes a minute or so for the dialog to appear. So I believe that narrows it down to something around the plugin's connection to the server or subversion?

Can anyone shed any light on what happens inside the plugin that might contribute to this isue?

Edit: I've found the option in the eclipse preferences -> TeamCity - > Remote Run named "Synchronize resources on Remote Run launch", which seems to be at least part of the delay. I'm waiting on the affected developers to retry with this disabled.

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Hi Will,

Could you please collect debug output as it described at

and provide us with this one?

Thanks in advance,


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