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Currently, the developers are using NUnit 2.5.0 when they do thier local unit-tests. When TeamCity runs the same tests, we see that some tests are ignored (because the tests use features only available in NUnit 2.5.0).

We want to configure TeamCity NUnitLauncher to use NUnit 2.5.0 as default. We would prefer to only do this configuration at one place for all the builds.

We have read the documentation, and made some googeling, but did not really see how we should perform.

We are running TeamCity Professional 4.5 and MSBuild as build runner.

Any clues?

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There are no such option introduced in TeamCity yet. Please feel free to post an issue  for that.

By default TeamCity uses NUnit 2.2.10.

How do you start NUnit tests from your MSBuild script?


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