Missing files in latest EAP?

I upgraded to 10626 a couple of days ago and after starting the server some of the build configurations that rely on our StarTeam VCS were reporting an issue with a missing StarTeam jar, in fact there where 3 jars missing and copying them over in the right place solved the issue. I did not think much about this issue as every previous upgrade went smoothly.

Yesterday I decided to try migrating the DB from the default HSQLDB to Sql Server and followed these instructions but I cannot find the migrateDB.bat or dbMigration.properties files in the <TeamCity home>/bin/ as described by the documentation. Initially I thought that this was possibly due to an upgrade glitch but I have now installed a clean copy of teamcity server on a clean machine and I still can't find these files.

Can you please confirm that these files are/should be shipped with the installer?


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StartTeam jars are not bundled with TeamCity (due to license restrictions) and should be downloaded and pushed to the right directory manually.
As for migration: the documentation is out of date, and some files were superceeded by new ones. For example, instead of migrateDB.bat you should use maintainDB.cmd. We will provide new documentation soon.


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