Adding change log as an artifact

I'm using TeamCity 4.5 with Ant and SVN.

I would like the build process to automatically create a release-notes-like file.
For this, I want to use the change log taken from SVN.

Is there a feature in TeamCity allowing this?

More specifically, is it possible to add the change log as an artifact (let's say as a text file), without writing any Ant code?
Moreover, is it possible to commit such a file to SVN directly from TeamCity (again, no Ant code)?

Any suggestions will gladly be accepted.


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There is no such feature out of the box (it seems to be very specific).If you choose to generate svn changelog from the Ant script, do not forget to change checkout mode to "automatically on agent", otherwise you won't get .svn folders in the checkout directory on the agent.


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