Promotion state based checkout in StarTeam

TeamCity Enterprise 4.5.4
Borland StarTeam 2008

It was my understanding that if a vcs root is set up to checkout based on a promotion state, a full checkout is always performed. Why does it then TeamCity poll for changes?

The build is set up with 50+ vcs roots, and is configured to checkout on a specific promotion state. We are experiencing some issues with the login sessions in StarTeam after this build was created, it seems like the user logs in, but never logs out, thus causing the active login sessions in StarTeam to increase over time.

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You absolutely right. You revealed a bug with not disconnecting open sessions. I've added an issue -

As a workaround you may add the following parameter to VCS root config xmls

<vcs-root ....>
    <param name="change-detection-policy" value="never" />

This will make StarTeam plugin not open a connection at all when collecting changes.

Thank you for reporting.

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Thanks Sergey


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