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Hi, i'm new to TeamCity, but is there a way to have a build configuration to compile several maven assemblies within the same build configuration?

Right now i had to create a build configuration for QA, Prod, and UAT separately and setup build triggers on Prod and UAT to fire once QA was successful.  The problem with this is that if the QA fails the version gets incremented but not copied to the other configs.  It also shows each configuration on the project page, where i would like them to be all self contained in the one configuration.  Is this possible?

We are converting from Quickbuild to TeamCity and Quickbuild allows for n number of build steps in a configuration, this is how we are doing it today, can TeamCity do something similar or is there a different approach to what we are doing?

Thanks in advance.

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There is a very popular feature request ( which has very good chances to be included into the next minor release.


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