Visual Studio 2003 and NAnt

We have downloaded and installed TeamCity 5.0 and have easily stup a Visual Studio 2008 solution running fine.

For setting up a Visual Studio 2003 solution we get the error Please check "NAnt home" parameter at the build runner settings page to contain path to NAnt home.

We have installed the latest NAnt we can find (0.845) and points to the bin-folder, getting the error Unknown argument '-extension:C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\plugins\dotnetPlugin\bin\JetBrains.BuildServer.NAntLoggers.dll'.

We have also tried to point to variuos c:\TeamCity\......\NAnt-folder without success.

How do we setup TeamCity to compile a Visual Studio 2003 solution?


Tom Kise

Chief consultant at Lector Aps

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Please use NAnt version 0.85 or higher.


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