Teamcity's (4.5) tomcat6.exe uses 100% cpu for hours?

Good afternoon,

we're currently still using TC 4.5 (build 8944), 4 projects configured with one ClearCase Snapshotview each. These snapshotviews have about 2-4000 files each and take about 10 seconds to refresh manually. However, all of a sudden now whenever teamcity starts (it's running on a windows machine), he teamcity6.exe process spawns 4 cleartool.exe processes in parallel and the teamcity6.exe-'mother'-process takes up 100% cpu usage -forever- (42 hours during the last run).. and if you try to start an actual build it hangs there in 'checking for changes' step.. but the indivudal cleartool processes only use 3-4% cpu each.

Not sure what's going on there, but right now we cannot use TeamCity anymore... Any ideas what's going on there?


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