Inspections summary overriding test results summary

First of all, congratulations to the JetBrains team on TeamCity 5! Just upgraded to 5.0.1 and it looks very good!

One thing we noticed: where build summaries appear (for example the Projects page or the build configuration history) TeamCity 5 seems to prioritise listing the inspections summary rather than the tests summary:
This happens even if tests fail too. If the build doesn't have inspections, we get an 'Inspections were not gathered' message which also hides any test summary information.

It's generally more important to see the tests summary rather than the inspections summary in the build result summary. Is there a way we can restore the previous behaviour or is this a regression in 5.0.1?

We use a service message to pass the FxCop XML file to TeamCity, if that's of any significance.



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