Trigger pattern not working

I had this trigger pattern on one of my builds:


This worked great.
Then I added another vcs root and changed the pattern to:

Where Sales.Main is my original vcs root. This new trigger does not work. I have also tried the original without any luck.
I also tried changing the first pattern to:
but that did not work either.

Anyone have an idea on what the correct pattern should be?

TC versions:  4.5.4 (build 9071) Enterprise


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Jetbrains, now that you are back from vacation, do you have an idea to make this work.

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Sorry for delay.

Could you please provide current settings that do not work as well as examples of VCS changes when build should and should not be triggered?

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     root#1: Sales.Main  root: $/Sales/Main CheckoutRule: +:.=>Code
     rrot#2: Shared.Scripts root: $/Shared/Scripts CheckoutRule: +:.=>Scripts

directory structure:
     UI Code
           code dir 1
           code dir 2    

Build Trigger:

I do not want to trigger the build:
If anything is checked into the Shared scripts
If any of the AssemblyInfo.cs file change

I do want to trigger a build:
If anything within the code dirs gets checked in (except the assemblyInfo files)

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Trigger rules work for mapped file paths, i.e. for file paths shown by TeamCity server. In your case if a file Libraries/file.txt is changed it will be shown in the web UI as: Scripts/Libraries/file.txt and trigger rule should include Scripts (or use wildcard **). Please try the following rules:
-:root=<Shared Scripts root name>:Scripts/**

This is an example, because it seems you've a mistake in VCS root names. Anyway, the rule is the following: in trigger rules use file paths as they shown by TeamCity, not the paths inside repository.

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Sorry for the delay in trying this out.
That worked perfectly.
I did not realize that the build trigger worked off the mapped file paths.


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Well, actually we tried to reduce confusion when we've choosen to work with mapped files


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