Server-side code formatting

We've been doing server-side code formatting as a pilot project, using Jalopy and TeamCity.

Our setup is that we commit as usual (Subversion), and either nightly or weekly (off-shore teams mean nightly isn't good for them, but weekends are a good dead time), we have a TC target set up to run if there are any files commited since the last run.  We've written a shared build script which runs Ivy and some some other stuff (formats the Ivy config file among others), then commits it only if it compiles properly.

This is worked very well, and has been a big help in getting our code formatting uniform.  There can be some troubles if you start formatting trunk after a branch has been made, but we can deal with that.

Flushed with our success, we've asked management to let us proceed, and get Jalopy licenses for the remaining TC build agents (per developer just won't work out).  In turn, they've asked me if there is a common tool that can format both Java and .NET code.

I'm not aware of any that do both languages well.  Does anyone here know of (or use) such a tool?  I'm guessing we'll have to use Jalopy for Java and some similar tool for .NET...

Thanks in advance!

Douglas Bullard
Nike, Inc.

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