Worked examples for the v5 Build-Template feature?

Are there any worked examples for the Build-Template feature?

What I specifically want to do is make it easy to set up CI for branches.  We have a config set up that uses (svn) trunk, but would like to be able to set up a config that runs on a branch.  However, it _looks_ like this would require that each developer be an administrator, because only administrators can edit VCS settings (I think).  This isn't really desirable, but it _is_ desirable that developers be able to set up branch-builds.

The only thing that really needs to differ in the branch-build config is one (or two) of the VCS roots.  But reading the docs suggests that VCS' are not template-able...?

For example:
Trunk config:

Branch config:

I'd want to be able to do something like
Templated VCS root:
and supply config.svnroot as a configuration property (though I'm not sure that's the term in TeamCity, yet)

I realise that the documentation I linked to supplies a workaround for what I want to do - I don't want to use this, because I don't want each build-config to potentially check out the entire repository, since this will be far too slow.  Exclude checkout rules with svn will check out the whole thing, then delete the parts that are excluded.

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Actually you can have one VCS root for the Foo project: http://svn.local/svn/Foo
And use checkout rules to checkout trunk or branch:

In TeamCity 5.0 parameters are supported in checkout rules, i.e. you can specify:
for checkout rules in template and in concrete configuration you can specify specific value for checkout.rules configuration parameter.


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