Cannot use CVS ext protocol

We are using Kerberos to authenticate our users. It works fine from a command prompt: .rc files include settings of CVS_RSH and CVSROOT are a kinit call. After that cvs calls can be made as usual. Our TeamCity server and a default agent are running in an environment that has such settings. I am trying to configure a module that will be checked out and built on the default agent. Setting CVS root to use ext protocol invariably gives me the following exception when I try testing connection - no matter what I set in path to external rsh and/or path to private key file:

org.netbeans.lib.cvsclient.ValidRequestsExpectedException: Valid requests expected!

I've seen a couple of threads here that look similar:

but they either seem unresolved or have a low priority.

Does anyone have an experience with a similar setup? Anything could be done to get more helpful error message?

Thank you,


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Please attach screenshot of your VCS root settings.

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I had a similar issue (using ext / plink)

I managed to figure out what was going on and make it work by looking through the plugin source - please see:

Cheers Joel


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