TeamCity Upgrade to 5.01 from 4.5.x

When I update team city do I have to upgrade the additional Agents I have installed.
The documentation isnt clear (to me).

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I haven't done the 5.0 upgrade yet, but in the past my procedure has been to

  1. Shut down all the agents;
  2. Shut down the Teamcity server;
  3. Upgrade the server and restart it; and
  4. Restart the agents.

The agents then automatically upgrade themselves upon startup.  I'd be very surprised if Jetbrains broke this procedure.  The shutdown of the agents may not be necessary, but I've found it helpful to ensure that nothing was running when I did the upgrade.

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You do not need to shutdown agents. TeamCity will not run new builds on the agents till they finish upgrade procedure. Currently running builds will be preserved too. Actually, if the upgrade would require agents shutdown we ourselves would have many problems, because sometimes we upgrade server more than once per day and we have more than 50 agents.


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