How to use TeamCity::Cucumber::Formatter from MSBUILD configuration

I've got to be close on this one. I'm using cuke4nuke to wrap some .NET tests, and I can get the JUnit XML and HTML formatters to work fine, but it's a bit clumsy still and it would be very nice to use the TC 5.0 formatter specifically for cucumber.

I'm trying to use the directions from

I've tried setting RUBYLIB to that string in the Environment Variables section of the build configuration, but I don't think it interpolates subvariables like the agent.home.dir property.

I've also tried passing multiple "--require" flags to cucumber, but that's proving to be tricky as well because of how the requires are set up.

Is there an easier way that I'm missing to get "--format TeamCity::Cucumber::Formatter" working?

Thanks for any suggestions...

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Enough futzing and I got it.

RUBYLIB has to be set in the environment variables of the build to:


And then I was using --format TeamCity::Cucumber::Formatter, not --format Teamcity::Cucumber::Formatter.

Boom, working fine.


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