Upgraded 4.5 Enterprise Server to 5.0

After the upgrade, I was surprised to find that my 4.x Enterprise license and 4.5 agent licenses wouldn't work with 5.0, since all of our previous upgrades (from 3.x even) were free. Yeah, my fault for not investigating, but like i said, we're running servers from 3.x that we didn't have to deal with new licenses.

Not sure management is willing to pay for all new licenses for the server and agents for 5.0.

My question, after bringing up the server in 5.0.x, is it possible for me to restore my 4.5.x install and start up the server again?

Thanks in advance,

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Sorry, but unless you have backup copy of your 4.5 data, there is no way to run 4.5 version with the data upgraded to 5.0 format.

You can start 4.5 server, but you will not be able to use the settings and data upgraded to 5.0 format.

Please review the "Data Structure Upgrade" section in Upgrade guide.

If you will need to work with 5.0 server you can get an evaluation license from TeamCity Download page.


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