Local Inspections Scope not used by TeamCity?

Observed Behavior:

We added a scope to the SyntaxError inspection to stop it from inspecting third party code. When TeamCity runs the inspection build, it runs the SyntaxError inspection everywhere, giving us unwanted noise in our inspection reports.

We've obeyed all the available documentation. Is there something we're just missing?

Background Data:

We run IntelliJ 9.0.1 and TeamCity Professional 5.0.1

Here is the line in the *.ipr file. The name of our inspection profile is "Project Default."  The "Things to Inspect" scope appears within the XML node of the SyntaxError inspection, which should limit that inspection to only that scope.

Here is a picture of how we have TeamCity configured. Note the "idea.exclude.patterns" JVM argument that we are passing to the runner as a stop gap measure. http://imgur.com/byApo.png

And last, here is how our inspection profile is configured in the GUI.

Thanks in advance!

Daniel Ramteke
Agile Developer
Cyrus Innovation, LLC

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Hello Daniel,

I need a definition of the 'Things to inspect' scope.
Does IDEA handles this scope correctly? If it was defined  as local scope then it should be defined as shared in order to become available  for TeamCity

Thank you
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Hi Anna,

IDEA does in fact handle the scope correctly. I've searched for a string specific to the excluded files and found it using the built-in "Whole Project" scope, and I've correctly not found it using our own "Things to Inspect" scope.

The 'Things to Inspect' scope intends to hide the FIT Library documentation from the inspections. It is currently defined as file[webapp]:*//*||file[fixtures]:*//*.java*

And the "share scope" is checked. I successfully ran some searches on a different machine in the office.


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