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I have found other postings about SVN externals in a vcs setup, with some poeple having no problems and others having authentication issues. I my case I have a project with a vcs root set to an svn HTTP URL. I have Externals support: set to 'Full Support'.

The VCS project has one externals definition which pulls in an assembly and its unit tests form another repository on the same server (same user credentials).

The teamCity project has VCS checkout mode set to 'Automatically on agent'. The project is also set to trigger a build on a VCS change checking 60 seconds.

If a change is made to the top level of the project a build is triggered and all is well, including any changes to the externals. If a change is made to the externals repository only then the build is not triggered. In addition if I trigger a build from the web interface the changes to the external project do not get updated?

     Which logs should I look at to see if the externals are being updated and checked by the server? Is there a common way to work around this if it is an issue?

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Hello Marcus,

   In general, VCS related messages are sent to TeamCity/logs/teamcity-vcs.log
   You may need to enable debugging for VCS, please see instructions here.

   This log includes records when TeamCity starts and finishes checking for changes in repositories.

   Please also verify that if you have 2 different repositories, they have different repository UUID.
   You can check the UUID of repositories with "svn info" command.



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