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Having a problem with my sln2008-based project. I have a solution file that contains many projects, which depend on each other. The problem I'm having is that the projects are being built in the wrong order -- it looks like dependencies are being ignored.

If I open my project in Visual Studio, right-click on the solution and select 'Project Dependencies', everything looks set correctly. If I look at the 'Build Order' tab, the build order looks like what I'd expect. However, when teamcity runs the build, it build in a different order to the one shown and as a result several projects fail to compile because their dependencies have not been built yet.

I am also seeing the wasnings: "VCBUILD path has several idiom numbers" and "VCBUILD missing semicolon" repeated during the build. Could this be related?

I've checked my VCS settings and they are correct. I've also checked my sln2008 settings, particularly the Configuration, Target, and Platform, and they are correct as well. (Rebuild/Release/Win32)

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TeamCity uses MSBuild.exe to build your project. Please check that you project can be build in right order with msbuild.exe on the build agent machine.


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