Agent service not running as 32 bit?

Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard x64 Edition
TeamCity Enterprise 4.0.2 (build 8222)

Shouldn't the agent service TeamCityAgentService-windows-x86-32, which is a 32 bit application, run under WOW64 context?

We had a problem with this agent reporting PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE as AMD64(agent's native architecture) instead of x86(WOW64 context architecture).

I looked at the Windows Task Manager, and I was very surprised to find that the service wasn't running as a 32 bit application.
Is this even possible? Please look at the attachment and notice how *32 is missing after the .exe name.

Can someone tell me if this is correct?

Thank you,

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Java Service Wrapper process is 32 bit process. I've checked it bitness with Process Explorer.
It seems there is an issue of Java Service Wrapper that turns out to have wrong value set to that environment variable.

You may workaroud it be setting env.PROCESS_ARCHITECTURE=x86 in the file.

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Thanks. Voted.


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