Apache/Tomcat 404 instead of TeamCity UI after server restart

Hi Guys,

I have just taken over using a continuous integration box from a collegue who recently left the company in which I work. OS is Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP2.

TeamCity was running, but I noticed the server had not been rebooted since july last year so I decided to reboot.

Now I cannot seem to get TeamCity to run - I am getting a tomcat/apache 404 instead of the TeamCity admin/login screen.

I have tried stopping and starting the teamcity services, as well as running runall.bat stop & then runall.bat start but still getting the 404.

I believe it might be database related having a look through the log, but am really unfamiliar with TeamCity so any help would be much appreciated. Log attached.




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It is hard to say for sure what happended. It looks like the database is broken. Do you have a backup? Also please provide version of TeamCity you are using.


Hi Scott,

As I can see in the exception the TeamCity server attempted to connect to the internal database as user SA but that database doesn't know something about SA.
So it seems some configuration issues.

What kind of database do you use for TeamCity - internal (HSQL) or external (for example, MS SQL)?
Could you please provide us with your 'database.properties' file (without passwords, of course) that is located in the <TeamCity_data_dir>/config ?



Hi Guys, thanks for replying.

The version of TeamCity being used is 4.5.4.

I looked into the team city data directory and there is no database.properties file... only database.hsqldb.properties and database.mysql.properties.

So if this was there, it isnt anymore. I'm unsure why it has been removed because if it is required for teamcity to run then it was there prior to the recent reboot and not after.

From what I can tell one of these files needs to be renamed to database.properties? Is there an easy way to tell what database was being used?





as I can see in the log, now TeamCity selects the 'default' path to data directory, this path consists of the user 'home' irectory (that is the 'C:/Documents and Settings' folder followed by the folder with user name) and the '.BuildServer' subfolder. So, now TeamCity uses the followingpath:

TeamCity data directory:C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/.BuildServer

It seems that your colleague who was responsible to TeamCity used to start it being logged in using his own account (not the Administrator). So, the most probably that the real TeamCity data directory (with actual data) has anothe location, and now I can recommend you to find other TeamCity directories.

When found, you can specify the right location using the 'TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH' environment variable.

Best regards,


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