TFS getting sources problem - TF14045 error


I setup a project that gets sources and runs NANT. Creates VCS Root, performed test - success. Then forced build and got an error below (I removed credentials and URLs):

WARN  - Failed to delete old TeamCity workspaces. Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.IdentityNotFoundException: TF14045: The identity 263 is not a recognized identity. ---> System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: TF14045: The identity 263 is not a recognized identity.    --- End of inner exception stack trace ---    at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.Repository.ProcessHttpResponse(HttpWebResponse response, Stream responseStream, WebException webException, XmlReader& xmlResponseReader)    at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.Repository.ExecWebServiceRequest(HttpWebRequest request, XmlWriter requestXml, String methodName, HttpWebResponse& response)    at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.Repository.QueryWorkspaces(String ownerName, String computer)    at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.Client.GetRepositoryWorkspaces(String workspaceName, String workspaceOwner, String computer)    at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.VersionControlServer.QueryWorkspaces(String workspaceName, String workspaceOwner, String computer)    at JetBrains.TeamCity.Tfs.WorkspaceAccessor.GetWorkspacesInternal() in c:\Agent\work\944505a66def057b\tfs\native\TfsNativeAccessor\src\WorkspaceAccessor.cs:line 87    at JetBrains.TeamCity.Tfs.TeamCityOldWorkspacesRemover.RemoveOldWorkspaces(Func`1 GetWorkspacesInternal, Action`1 DeleteWorkspace) in c:\Agent\work\944505a66def057b\tfs\native\TfsNativeAccessor\src\TeamCityOldWorkspacesRemover.cs:line 27 ERROR - TF14045: The identity 263 is not a recognized identity.

What does it want? how to fix this problem?


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It seems it's an issue. Could you please file it in our tracker and attach list of workspaces that exist on the machine.
Please also check that user that TeamCity runs build has enough rights to create and delete workspaces.

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Filed an issue here:
Hope, this will be resolved asap


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