how to build mutiple projects in teamcity within a single configuration file

hi ,

i have a situation where there are 2 project streams (proj1 , proj2) for which i have seperate configurations , now i have a request where i have build i need to add proj1

but while building this , there is a specific condition sometimes i need to build proj2 also , for example

dev - Rel1.0 - core - src - setup - configuration files
dev - Commons - core -src -setup - configuration files

normal build will do the REL1.0 , but sometimes i need to pick up Commons source code also , in that case how do i give the , since the root will change.

what are the necessary configuration changes that needs to be done so that it picks up the other project codebase and builts it as well.



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I can not fully understand the issue you have experienced. Could you provide more details of your case.
Could you describe setup of  your project? What are the goals you are trying to achieve? What are the issues you are experiencing with this?


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