Visual Studio and MSBuild runners very slow

Hi, I noticed that the integrated Visual Studio and MSBuild runners are very slow compared to running a solution file from either Visual Studio or bare msbuild.
I'm aware that TeamCity patches the project files to add support for logging and reporting, but the slowness is very sensible. For a solution which rebuilds in about 8 minutes launching msbuild from the command line on the same build agent the integrated msbuild/visual studio runners take about 14 minutes.



Could you please provide more informative data about your experiments.
What version control system do you use?

Could you please compare the time of rebuilding project locally plus the time of checking out with TeamCity time.

Please attach build log



Hi Eugene,

the time I talked about takes into account the time to checkout the source by TeamCity too. I think the issue might be related to this one:
Tuning the agent JVM settings by increasing heap size I noticed that the built-in runners don't get any advantage while running from the command line the build time drops at about 6 minutes compared to the 14 using the integrated runners. I am using TFS.

I cannot attach the build log for privacy reasons, is there anything specific I can look for to help you diagnose the issue?


Simone, let's continue the discussion in the issue, you've mentioned.


Just as a reminder, this issue is solved in the issue tracker.


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