Is there a way to use the system properties or environment variables into the build configuration?

It is possible to trigger a custom build from a script using HTTP with commands like this:

//TCServer/httpAuth/action.html?add2Queue=bt10&<property name>&system.value=<value>&<environment variable name>&env.value=<environment variable value>

in which we can specify environment variables and system properties.

Is there a way to use these into the Build Configurations?  Can I use one to specify the artifact paths, or command line parameters (for a command Line build) for instance?

customizing builds.PNG

Is there a way to use these params to customize the build configs at this stage?


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Yes, you can use properties in build runner settings and artifact specification. Please refer to the following section in our doc for using properties:
Please note that you will need to definy properties before use them (see more at


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