Parallelizing and merging the build configurations on teamcity

We have a requirement where we want to parallelize the different build and merge the build sequences on teamcity.

Let say  i have five different project.
Project1 is dependent on svn repository svn/project1.
Project2 is dependent on svn repository svn/project2
Project3 is dependent on svn repository svn/project3
Project4 is dependent on svn repository svn/project4
Project5 is dependent on svn repository svn/project5

Now i have a requirement where i want Teamcity project Project1 to kickoff when i make a checkin to the repository svn/project1.

If i make a checkin only to the the svn repository svn/project2 , I want the teamcity project Project2 to kickoff.
This holds true for every repository checkin happening exclusively.

So far so good.

But the problem happens when i make a simultaneous checkin to the repository svn/project1 and svn/project2.
We want this time to run the teamcity build Project1 and Project2 in sequential order.

Similarly when i make a simultaneous checkin to the repository svn/project1 and svn/project3 i want the temacity build Project1 and Project3 to run in sequential mode.

Now there is a third requirement where if someone makes a checkin to the svn/project1 and svn/project2 and svn/project3 simultaneously, we want to run the Teamcity build
Project1, Project2 and Project3 to run sequentially.

Can anyone suggest on this how to tackle this problem? We are not able to achieve that synchronization or ensure the agent to run in that sequential manner.

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Currently, you cannot specify the order of build configurations explicitly. We have a request for define order of build configuration triggering Please watch/vote for it.

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BTW, using snapshot dependencies you can ensure the builds will be fired in a specific order. However (and this may be or may be not matches with your requirements), all the builds fired will also use same sources "snapshot".


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