NUnit suite name displays "<no suite>"


When we migrated to TeamCity 5.0 a while back I had to change from using the NUnit add-in to report test results to using the XML processor for performance reasons. One problem we have had after changing is that the suite/project names are no longer shown in the dashboard's tests tab. Rather all our .NET unit tests are grouped into a suite called "<no suite>" while our C++ tests which are still using service message are grouped correctly.

I'd like to know how the dashboard determines the suite so I can ensure we are setting this field so we can see tests grouped by project again.

FYI, we are running 5.0.1.

Many thanks, Jono


Hello, Jonathon,

What do you mean when saying "for performance reasons"?

Normally xml-report-plugin retrieves the suite name from the name attribute of the test-suite tag. Please check that your reports have that specified.


Please see this thread for the performance issue we had, I didn't really get an answer why it is slow:

I have checked that the test-suite element has a name attribute, I did notice there are 6 levels of test-suite elements with the separate parts of the namespace with the root one having the full path to the dll. If you would like I can send you one of our nunit XML files to determine if it is a bug or a configuration issue.

Thanks, Jono


Yes, could you please attach some of your NUnit xml reports and corresponding xml file (with the same name) from <Agent home>/temp/buildTemp/junit_reports


I have attached the files for one of our projects. Let me know if you need more. I renamed both files from Core.xml.

Thanks for your time, Jono



The reports seem to be ok.

Could you please also attach you build log containig such suites and screenshots showing the <no suite> inscriptions.


The issue is clear.

Unlike the built-in NUnit support the plugin considers <test-case> name attribute prefix as suite name, not the *.dll string.

I've prepared a fix for 5.1.

Jonathon, still, I can provide you with custom plugin pack with this fix for 5.0.1 if necessary.

TYI:  The performance issue you described in is supposed to be fixed in 5.0.2

Thanks for your feedback.


Thanks Victory.

Since 5.1 will be out in a month or 2 (I assume), I'm happy to live with the <no suite> bug until we upgrade. Good to know it will be fixed because we have hundreds of .NET unit test projects and it was annoying trying to navigate.

I know that the logging problem was fixed in 5.0.2, however I cannot see any issues resolved for the performance problem. Was this fix just made to the code without a reported issue?{Darjeeling+5.0.2+%2810784%29}+%23resolved

In the case it is fixed, what is JetBrains' opinion as the prefered option of reporting unit test result, does one usually perform better than the other (plug-in vs xml processor)?

Many thanks, Jono


The issue of NUnit 2.5.x slowdown in TeamCity was fixed.

The recommended way is to use TeamCity NUnit Launcher, <NUnit> or <NUnitTeamCity> MSBuild task, <nunit2> NAnt task.
If non of those is acceptable one may use TeamCity Addin for NUnit.

Those NUnit integration ways will report NUnit tests on-the-fly, thus one will not need to wait for NUnit runner process to exit to get notified of a test failure.



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