Is there a way to "build" 1 configuration on multiple machines at once?

Assume I have a repository which does not have code which builds, but instead has a collection of scripts that are used by our farm of agents.  Whenever this repository updates, I want to have TeamCity check the scripts out into the path I specify on all agents.  At first glance, it seems that I would have to create a specific configuration for each machine in the farm, so that once the repository updates, all configurations are triggered and push to their respective agent.  Is there a simpler way of doing this?  I'm not saying it's difficult, since the VCS Root would easily be shared and a template could be used for easy configuration cloning; I'm simply curious if there is an easier way that I cannot initially see.  If it matters, the repository would be a Mercurial repository. Thanks for your help!

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Please take a look at this document:
In brief, you can create one configuration which when started will send an HTTP request to a server to start another configuration on choosen agents. The option "all enabled compatible agents" is also available.


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