problem in Mercurial integration in team city keeps loading

Hi all !
          I am new to use the team city, I have a maven project to be checked for changes from mercurial repo server, update changes, then build the project.

I am successfull with building the maven project without configuring mercurial in it.

But if i configure the mercurial & if i click test connection ... it keeps going..... loading hours together. bt not gets finished.

so i cancelled, saved and clicked run button, then too it keeps running nt ending.

there is no problem with mercurial server n all bcoz i am using mercurial through client for months with no problem.

I also tried with cvs as the vcs its working bt Mercurial alone is problematic.

I am using tc 5.0.2.

Kindly help me

I hv attacted screen shot of cfg screens.

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Could you please enable debug logging, try again and the provide teamcity-vcs.log file?


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